Legacy Application Migration

A legacy system is outdated computing software or hardware that meets its original purpose but hinders growth. Its older technology prevents interaction with newer systems, keeping companies in a business rut as technology advances, hindering the adoption of new capabilities.

Extracting the existing data

Data in existing legacy systems might be siloed, splintered, duplicated, or incomplete. It may exist in a variety of data stores and in a variety of formats. Migrating data out of a legacy system starts with making sure it can all be extracted safely.

Transforming data so it matches the new formats

The data is transformed to the new system’s requirements through data mapping. Rarely does data from legacy systems do an exact mapping to the new system. This step is vital to ensure that the new system understands the data from the legacy system.

Cleansing the data to address any quality issues

During the migration process is a good time to clean data by getting rid of duplications, incomplete data, and data that is not properly formatted. A legacy system with phone numbers that contains dashes won’t work with a new system that doesn’t allow for them.

Validating the data to make sure the move goes as planned.

Once data is extracted, transformed, and cleaned, a sample set of data is imported to test for problems and errors. This weeds out potential issues before the new system goes live.

Loading the data into the new system

The final step to a successful data migration is loading all the data into the new system so it is ready for use.

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