IT Professional Services

IT solutions for professional services allow businesses to digitalize service delivery and automate internal operations for increased productivity and a more competitive advantage in their industry.


Building brand awareness.
Content marketing.
Omnichannel lead generation.
Customer journey management.
Long-cycle sales.
Consulting sales.
Account development.

Customer portal

360-degree customer view.
Digital service delivery.
Customer self-service.
AI assistant.
Data access and self-service analytics.

Data analytics portal for customers

Data upload (one-time and continuous).
Secure storage. Data augmentation and enrichment. Machine learning and NLP.
Data and insight visualization.

Project and human resource management

Project planning. Task management and scheduling. Resource allocation. Progress monitoring. Workforce utilization management.

Document management

Intelligent search.
Co-editing with a customer.
Approval workflows.
Document retention policies.

Business intelligence

Finance analytics. Customer analytics.
Performance analytics. Workforce analytics. Operational analytics.
Planning and forecasting.

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